Introducing Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie, Global Launch Client of Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier’s Latest Calibers

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In the field of contemporary high horology, it takes a lot for a young brand to stand out and distinguish itself. Yet for watchmaking veteran Benjamin Chee, his guiding philosophy has been elegantly simple: “I consider myself a perfectionist and cannot abide anything second-rate in my creations. Therefore, the only logical choice was to search out and partner with the very best suppliers in the industry, and to push them even further beyond their limits.”
Having previously founded Maison Celadon and Atelier Millésime, Benjamin Chee is now preparing to launch his most ambitious endeavor yet, his flagship brand Benjamin Chee Haute Horlogerie (BCHH), with a clear mission to create the finest artistic watches in the world. Precious stone and high craftsmanship dials will be combined with the very best available high horology movements, and embodied in svelte, elegant hand-finished cases.
As the first and only high horology house to emerge from Singapore Fake Rolex, a country long known for its sophisticated appreciation of watchmaking, BCHH has set a clear objective to be the best in the world in every artisan craft that the brand exemplifies. BCHH will use exclusively Vaucher movements, and perhaps other high-end movements in the future, with complications exclusively developed for the brand in collaboration with the finest partners in the industry. All BCHH watches are handcrafted in Fleurier, Switzerland, and design and quality control are divided between Switzerland and Singapore and undertaken personally by the founder.
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